At first I thought the risperdal was so good – I was still thinking but not as hard and fast, but it's all come back now. I'm still sleeping well, but the thinking and the things I think about, even though I try to rationalize my thoughts. Not weepy, though still making calls to be returned or just to hear them say hello and hang up. I did delete two messages from my voicemail today that weren't helping me, only drawing me back over and over. Maybe I've grown accostumed to it already, and need a higher dosage, but I don't see the psych until March. I was going to say how the hell will I make my way to the conference, but I think it might be a trippy trip.

Can you not see her sooner? Or just a general doctor may be willing to up the dose. When I was taken of it I was on a full 10mgs a day. High yes, but thats what it took in the end.

And did it help, Lorna? At 10 mg., did you feel better, less anxiety, less thinking, less scenerios in your head?

Where are the journals? I can't find the journals.


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